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  Cervical Cancer Screening
Cervical cancer is the 4th most common cause of cancer around the world and it is responsible for 8% of all the deaths associated with cancer. Signs and symptoms associated with cervical cancer include bleeding of the vagina, pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge. There 2 options available for Cervical Cancer Screening.
  • Pap Smear

    It is a painless procedure whereby tissue is obtained from the cervix of a female. The cervix is first dilated using a speculum and a spatula is used to harvest the cells required. These cells are hen analysed in a laboratory to check for abnormalities.

    It is widely recommended by the abortion doctor to conduct a Pap Smear once every 3 – 5 years, especially when a women is above the age of 40. It is reported that a Pap Smear reduces the incidence of cervical cancer by 80%.

  • Colposcopy

    It is a type of examination of the cervix which gives more complete information regarding the health of the cervix. In addition to cervical cancer, other problems could also be diagnosed. In this procedure, the cervix is examined under magnification without any discomfort. Moreover, there is a monitor whereby the patient could see and understand everything that is taking place.
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